For many of us, standup paddleboard (SUP) yoga has come to be synonymous with summer. After all, it’s a great way to enjoy being out on the water and to sneak in some core-challenging yoga poses—not to mention have your Instagram husband snap a wow-worthy photo while you’re holding Headstand on your board.

If you’re a beginner SUP yoga student, you’re likely discovering that practicing yoga on a paddleboard can inform your “land” practice by challenging your balance and helping you realize the importance of focus. Once you feel comfortable with the basics and you’ve got a steady SUP yoga practice, you might be eager to try more challenging postures on your board. Enter this sequence, which is filled with familiar postures that have unexpected variations.

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SUP Yoga Warm-Up

Begin to warm up the hips and shoulders with postures like Child’s Pose, holding the sides (or rails) of one side of the board and then the other. Include several vinyasas like Cat/Cow or Downward-Facing Dog to Plank, going with the flow of the breath coupled with the feel of the water beneath the board. Place yourself on this small, private island-like space, pairing each movement with a long breath. This is not a race. Take your time, not just to assist with balance, mindfully building a foundation, but also to widen your attention and commune with nature above, around, and below.

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About Our Pro

Danielle Brown is a Academy of Surfing Instructors SUP certified Instructor, a PaddleFIT Coach, and a RYT 200-hour Yoga Teacher. She has been teaching SUP Yoga in Connecticut since 2012 and loves the way it guides her to go with the flow. Danielle leads SUP & Yoga Retreats to escape New England’s winters and trains teachers to assist in building the SUP Yoga community. Learn more at wwwthumbsupyoga.

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