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Good morning! It felt good to write here yesterday. I’ve missed this place.

Thoughts for today:

  • Running sometimes sucks. That was the point of my video yesterday I posted to instagram. Does that mean I’ve ever regretted a run? Nope, never. Does that mean I want to run less than I’m running now? Nope, I really do love it. Do I love it every day? Not so much. Does that mean I wouldn’t want to run every day? No way, I’d love to be able to run every single day. It just means that while I love running in the overall sense, sometimes I don’t like it. If you get bored today think about things you really love, but often don’t like. For me, it makes me feel better about my relationship with running and visa versa – those things/relationships where I feel I don’t even like this – what am I doing?! I am then reminded – well actually sometimes I do like it, and overall I actually love it, it’s just that sometimes the grind shall we say – gets old. You feel me or have I lost you?
  • Thank you to everyone who joined the I Run This Body facebook group yesterday! I love seeing new faces. If you are already in the group, feel free to invite your friends to join! The more the merrier! BTW the group is a private group, meaning that what you post is not out in public, only members of the group can see what is being said. I made the group this way to keep it from becoming spammy. Which leads me to my next point – I’m trying to keep the group a supportive place that is helpful, not another place where everyone self promotes their instagram pictures. So while I manage the group, you won’t find me sharing my articles in there or promoting “Mile Posts.”
  • I’ve received a lot of emails about who my coach is! I hired my friend Jess last year and that’s who I am still working with. I LOVE her as a coach. For transparency, I am paying her to coach me. A. This is what she does to earn a living, so I want to support her. B. I have found that when you aren’t paying for a service and are getting it for free, it can sometimes reduce the overall accountability. Let’s take for example HEADSPACE. I don’t like paying for it every month, but know I meditate more often because I AM paying for it. I am NOT a fan of wasting money, so that motivates me. Back to Jess though – she has room for two more clients if you are thinking of hiring a coach. You can find her website HERE and her instagram HERE.
  • Strava told me I ran over 1,000 miles last year. That’s cool since I haven’t counted how many miles I run in a year ever {from what I remember}. It now however, has me all competitive with myself…I didn’t join Strava till part way through the year….I was able to pull my Garmin data from a couple of my watches but obviously all my treadmill runs while training for Boston weren’t included {In recent years I stopped keeping a record of my weekly runs…I can talk about why another time}. I also lost the data completely on one of my Garmin watches, so it’s missing that as well. So I’m hoping my goal of 1,818 miles this year will be easy to hit, but who knows. If you want to follow me on Strava you can find my training HERE. Oh and how could I forget – there is an I Run This Body club on Strava too! Here’s the link — wwwstrava/clubs/irunthisbody
  • We got a new kitchen rug!! I know, so exciting right? Well it was exciting to me. We have needed a larger one for a very long time, but rugs are RIDICULOUSLY expensive, and when you have three kids that like to make messes, it can feel like a giant waste of money to get anything nice. Lottie posted a photo last week of her new rug for her bedroom – when she told me what she paid it sealed the deal {and I did ask her if she minded that I was copying her 😉 }. It was my first time ordering from Overstock and I’ll definetly order from them in the future. The rug is a little whiter in person than I thought it was going to be, which means I will now be the crazy mom who is always yelling about making sure you have clean feet, but it is what it is. It’s thinner than the rug we had there before {which I expected} so it could use a mat under it, but that will have to wait.

New Carpet

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